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mrtubbs's Journal

12 August 1992
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Hello. This isn't really my journal. My name isn't Mr. Tubbs. That was our old alpha kitty, who sadly passed away in September of 2006 after an all-too-short reign of 14+ years. He is sadly missed. Me and the Lady mama (she is one of the peopleses I live with) decided that it would be a real shame to let this journal go away, simply because the Old King Tubbs has gone on to be with Bast. And, since he let me post here from time to time while he was still with us, me and the Lady mama decided the best thing to do was for me to take over the journal as a living tribute to our beloved leader. Over time, the journal will be more and more changed to reflect me and my personal style (and I am such a stylish feline), but for now, it has largely been left as the great Alpha Tubbs created it. Below, you will can see all of the biographical information he included about himself. And, if you miss seeing his face, all of his user pics are still here. Who knows, maybe some day the reknowned kitty medium lev_cat will stop being mad at the Boober Tubbs for going to Bast and he might even channel a message from the Cat himself for us.
Oh, yeah, my name is Mayuko. But everyone just calls me FC, which stands for Feral Cat. That was how I lived my life for the first year and a half of it. Then, Sir Daddy took me through the Mystical Portal into this dimension, on Supper Bowl Sunday of 2003, and I have lived Here ever since. I was under the tutelege of King Tubbs to assume the mantel, some day, of Alpha Kitty. My training was interrupted by his untimely passing. I still have a lot to learn. The Lady Mama says that when I am no longer afraid of the Heater, then I will be ready to assend to the throne.

In Loving Memory of the Bestest Cat That Ever Lived:
My name is Vladimir "Boober" Tubbs. But you can call me Tubbs. I have four brothers and two peoples.
The mister peoples says I'm the despot. I don't really know what that means. I think it might have something to do with my cuddly backside, but I'm not sure.
The lady peoples set this journal up for me. I think she thinks it will keep me from spending all of my time keeping my brothers in line. But someone has to do it.
Oh, and while most of my friends are fellow felines, I don't discriminate. Peoples and other critters make good friends, too.

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